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Posted by FilterCopy on Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sequoia::Hack 2016's Tracks

Hackathon - Privacy & Security

Security, Infrastructure & Systems

We have always been passionate about seeing some of the foundations of the web, of analytics or of the app ecosystem being built at our hackathon. Build the platforms of the future – and perhaps even give back by open sourcing it?

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Hackathon - Mobility


The mobile has seen uses from the mundane to the esoteric. Help unlock its potential – from commerce, communication and carpenters to transport, telemedicine and Taichi.

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Hackathon - Next Generation

Next Gen

Uninspired by our themes? Find your muse elsewhere and hack together anything you like in the Next Gen track. Use the APIs on offer or let your imagination run wild.

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Hackathon - AR.VR

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Ready to build the next Pokemon Go? AR and VR are set to become the media consumption platforms of tomorrow. Gaming, entertainment, education – which field will you tackle?

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Hackathon - Deep Learning

Deep Learning

The latest developments in AI and Man-Machine communication have got us one step closer to Articial Life. Build us your intepretation of this evolution – be it a visual search engine, the coolest chat bot or the Neuromancer.

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Digital Health

Digital is changing the rules of healthcare. It’s erasing the old boundaries between us and our health data, the care we receive; whilst simultaneously changing the conversation between us and our doctors, healthcare providers.

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About the Hackathon

Sequoia::Hack is the annual hackathon organized by Sequoia Capital in India.

The idea is to provide a space to build cool, path-breaking tech because it’s fun. And because it can change the world. We are privileged to have had a ringside view to the world changing many times in the past few decades and we firmly believe in the ability of hackers to make this happen time and again.

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