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And it's a wrap!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the mentors from our portfolio for providing such invaluable support; to the judges for taking the time out to evaluate the teams; and most importantly to all of our participants - we have been humbled by your energy and audacity. Your contributions to technology will mean an exciting decade for India, and we look forward to seeing many of you again soon!

Sequoia::Hack 2014, Overall Winners

Track: Virtual Goods
Winner: Night Owls

Sequoia::Hack 2014, Track Winners

  • Track 1: PaymentsWinner: Paperless Receipts

    Description: The app replaces traditional paper receipts and aggregates all receipts for the user in one app

  • Track 2: Healthcare Winner: Phoenix

    Description: An app designed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, it measures the intensity of the tremors and reports it to their doctors who can access the information on a web console which allows them to alter the dosage of medication

  • Track 3: Analytics Winner: Insedge

    Description: A data analytics and visualization platform that is flexible, extendible and IoT ready

  • Track 4: Social ImpactWinner: Lambda

    Description: An app to help the visually impaired determine the denomination of currency notes

  • Track 5: Machine LearningWinner: SheBang

    Description: An app that brings interactivity to traditional advertisements

  • Track 6: Virtual GoodsWinner: Night Owls

    Description: An app that automatically detects road wear and tear through mobile phone data which is used to recommend better routes and driver rating

  • Track 7: GamingWinner: Infinity

    Description: An app that helps transform an android phone into a gaming controller for complex motion games

  • Track 8: TransportationWinner: Akni

    Description: An app uses SMS data and creates actions out of the needs of the users, example: booking a cab based on confirmation received for a doctor’s appointment

  • Track 9: InfraWinner: GoGetters

    Description: Extended Couchbase which is a document based NoSQL Store to have a distributed SQL Stored procedure method that is significantly faster and easier to use than MapReduce

  • Track 10: Open SourceWinner: Sub Zero

    Description: Real time streaming analytics processing engine that uses Lua, Docker and GoLang to build a framework to significantly speed up and scale out analytical processing

  • Track 11: Local SearchWinner: Default

    Description: An app that recognises which restaurant the user is in and, automatically detects and analyses the items on the menu to offer most nutritious choices

Sequoia::Hack 2014 Glimpses


Sequoia::Hack is the annual hackathon organized by Sequoia Capital. The aim is to provide a space to build cool, path-breaking tech because it’s fun. And because it can change the world.

We are privileged to have had a ringside view to the world changing many times in the past few decades and we firmly believe in the ability of hackers to make this happen time and again. At the hackathon, we want to get great minds together to build great technology. For folks who prefer to have ideas laid out as challenges, we will provide some. And for folks who already know what they would like to build, this is a great venue to come build it out and collaborate with their peers. Showcase your skills to your peer community, locally and worldwide. All in an intense 24-hour burst.

We recognize that great software needs a confluence of people, ideas, and disciplines. So as part of this event, we will have some of the best designers and UX architects mingling with you to help you design UIs if that’s what you are trying to do. In addition, CEOs, Product Heads, CTOs, technical architects, distinguished engineers, and chief scientists of various companies from India and abroad will be available as mentors, to help guide efforts.


This year we have an exceptional set of mentors that includes CTOs, design & product managers from some of the most exciting technology companies in India & South East Asia.

  • Aditya Gupta Sirion Labs

  • Ajeet Singh Kushwaha Healthkart

  • Ankit Bhati Ola Cabs

  • Ashish Kasi Capillarytech

  • Balaji JB Idea Device

  • Bipul Parua Knowlarity

  • Chia Yung Su Appier

  • Chid Kollengode Adnear

  • Chih Han Yu Appier

  • Gaurav Agarwal Healthkart

  • Kanti Prabha Sirionlabs

  • Milind Borate Druva

  • Naren NS iCreate

  • Naveen Bindal Citruspay

  • Prakash Seshadri Mu Sigma

  • Sandipan Chattopadhyay Justdial

  • Sanjeev Kumar Pine Labs

  • Saurabh Aggarwal Octro

  • Ujwal Tickoo Girnar Soft

  • Vishal Chaudhary Akosha


Our sponsors, which include some of the hottest, most exciting technology companies and startups in India and South East Asia, will be available to provide mentorship to the participants.