Sequoia India’s Designathon


September 10th & 11th, 2016
ITC Gardenia, Bangalore, India

A mad mix and confluence of ideas, people, code, design, caffeine and adrenaline.


India’s hottest Designathon!

We’re making it possible for hundreds of engineers and designers to come together in one place and crack away non-stop for 24 hours on some of the most interesting and challenging problems of our times.

Everyday citizens, employees, directors, entrepreneurs, consumers, decision-makers, shoppers, drivers, patients, doctors, engineers, law-makers, chefs, trainers and all other roles we play, could become a bit more easy with design.

With this spirit, we are proud to bring back Sequoia::Design once again this year, only much better and bigger.

Ok, I’m in. What Next?

Like any other day, you as a design thinker will creatively solve a problem; bring the other perspective; change perceptions.

You pick a track, you start with a problem statement and detail out the solution: This could be a service or a product you’re designing. We’d love to see an interface design or a clickable prototype or even a video that shows us how this service or product you’ve designed will change someone’s life for the better.

Sequoia::Design Tracks

Gamification Implementation

Gamification Implementation

Going much beyond points, badges & leaderboards

Information Visualization

Information Visualization

Solutions to complex problems, by helping people see the facts

Smart Acceleration

Smart Acceleration

How would you help small business grow faster & better with smart design?

We have three tracks for the Sequoia::Design participants

You’ll start with a Problem Statement. Think out of the box, in the box, outrageously, modestly – what’s the problem YOU want to solve? We have 3 themes that will help guide your thinking if you are looking for an area to focus on.

We want to hear the Story Behind the Problem. Why do you want to solve this? What makes you so passionate about this idea?

Finally we want to see an Interface Design or Clickable Prototype or Video that demos how you will eventually solve the problem you identified. The idea is to craft a story that communicates the experience of your solution – how will it change the life of a human being. 


Who can participate?

Anyone who can think laterally and can put together a presentable solution at the end of the 24 hour run. Remember, design is too important to be left only to designers.

If you identify yourself as an interface designer, interaction designer, visual designer, front-end developer, product designer, UI/UX guy or girl – Sequoia::Design is for you.

I don’t know coding, can I participate?

Of course! Coding is just one mode of communication. Use the mode of communication you are most comfortable with.

You can demo any 1 of the 3 options below:

  • An Interface Design for a web or mobile product/service
  • or a Clickable prototype (in HTML/CSS)
  • or even a Video. The video doesn’t have to be a highly produced video or a how-to video.

Alone or team?

Both are fine. Teams works better because you get more stuff done. You could write to us if you haven’t yet found a team member to partner with. We can help connect you with other solo applicants.

How do I qualify to participate?


This is an invite only event. Due to limited seats, we give preference to participants with relevant skills for digital and interface designs, along with portfolios demonstrating strong design thinking aptitude.

When applying in a team, the team composition will have a better impact if there are diverse skill sets coming together

What kind of hardware or software would be provided?

We will have paper, markers, whiteboards, Wi-Fi at the venue.

You are expected to bring you own devices and software and whatever else you need to demo that stunning interface design or clickable prototype or video you’ll create.

Is it an overnight event?

Yes! You are welcome to stay overnight at the venue. Beds will be provided.
We also have foods, energising drinks and the pure adrenalin rush of being with people buzzing with ideas to keep you going.

Sequoia::Design begins with check-ins at the venue 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 10th and continues till 7:00 PM on Sunday, September 11th.

Will the Hackathon and Designathon have different themes?


Will I be losing rights of my designs if I participate and share?

No. You are the sole owner of your work.

Why are you doing this?

Because we like design thinking and we know that there is a lot of untapped potential out there. We just provide the platform; the true magic happens because of the people who participate in the event.