Digital Health

The Internet has already changed the life of 220M people in India. This band of digital natives are connected, using the Internet for commerce, collaboration and networking. Think of the 500M people who don’t have the internet yet. How do we make the internet possible for these guys – folks whose understanding of digital paradigms, native communication patterns and aspirations are fundamentally different from the first 220M.

Now think of this: The World Health Organization’s 2000 World Health Report ranked India’s healthcare system at 112 out of 190 countries. It is said a staggering 70% of the population still lives in rural areas and has no or limited access to hospitals and clinics.

At the same time, we’re also looking at a world of CRISPR/cas9 gene-editing systems, 3D-bioprinters, personalized healthcare and tricorders (remember those diagnostic devices used by medical officers in Star Trek to detect diseases?)

This track is for those interested in helping bridge gaps that exist in healthcare, internet and at the juncture of the two. What is your vision for the future of health? There is much to be done in the areas of medicine and healthcare: from accessing digital info (spoken and written forms that are consumable), context and reputational systems to payment & transaction methods.